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In the last 10 years, Tugicom LTD. has started giving out R&D Services.

Our R&D Services include A Prototype, containing Schematics and step by step Manufacturing.

we give Mechanical/Electrical Schematics, including notes for end products.

We Develop
  • RF Pulse Source from 1W-5kW  HF,VHF,UHF

  • We are experts on 81.36Mhz Up to 10kW RF pulse sources for Co2 Laser

  • HF Ultra Linear Class A Amplifiers 1W-10kW.

  • HF, VHF Filter Banks.

  • VHF. UHF General Purpose Amplifiers custom specs.

Some of our Developments

 HF-HPA Driver

This High power amplifier driver is made for  one of out customers and is meant for ignition of the high power amplifier

This High Power Amplifier Was

built for

and uses 2 1.5kW Transistors, it is pasted on Copper Plate.(4mm)