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Tugicom LTD is a leading company in RF solutions with a constant product line with high stability and cost effective Fm radio transmitter – for low power fm , low cost and good quality such as DCE1000.  

Our TX25A – 25w fm radio transmitter at low cost and professional quality with digital control that made from our RF amplifier AMP25 that is our best seller RF amplifier and our fm module TX180A in a professional enclosure.
The new line of the DCE fm radio transmitter – DCE300 and DCE50 offers professional features such as RDS limiter balanced input digital stereo and high quality RF amplifier module - the AMP300.

High power RF amplifier – AMP1000 – special stand alone 1000w RF amplifier for use in a modular combination for high power fm radio transmitter up to 10kw.

Our products designed and manufactured in Israel with over 15 years of experience in the RF Broadcast Field.

We use only quality materials for the leading companies in the market such as - NXP\ MA-COM \ KDI \ MEANWELL \ FREESCALE.

Assembly line include SMT automatic pick n place machine and reflow oven machine professional test equipment from HP\tectonics\bird. 

Our products are designed be ON-AIR 24/7 this achieved by excellent cooling design and reliable fans.